Team Bios

Taylor Kallio, Content Creator

When Taylor Kallio first stepped foot on The Mill campus in December of 2016, he could already see the potential of what this massive campus could become. An experienced aerial photographer and videographer, Taylor quickly became part of The Mill family and has since devoted much of his time to bringing The Mill’s story to life through images and film.  

Taylor originally began working as a contractor for The Mill where he demonstrated his skills with aerial inspections and short videos. An early fascination with aerial photography and cinematography techniques led Taylor to teach himself many skills. His training, coupled with lots of trial and error, provided the momentum to open his own business, Kalamazoo Aerial Media—later changing the name to Alterra Media. His eye for detail and breathtaking birds-eye perspectives filled this massive revitalization project with a newfound vitality. He has since filmed construction updates, produced documentaries, captured many concerts and events, and so much more.

In September of 2021, Taylor joined the team full-time. “I’m excited for the opportunity to devote more of my time to this project. It has so many facets, that getting to bring more attention to it will be such a benefit,” Taylor said. “This project is so important, not only to the surrounding area, but to the state as well, and it’s thrilling to be a part of something this big.”

Taylor graduated from Western Michigan University in 2015 with a degree in Electronic Business Marketing. Outside of his work with The Mill, he shoots short films and is an avid outdoor enthusiast who makes time to enjoy his passions for golf, biking and snowboarding.  

Taylor Kallio