From Yesterday’s Lee Paper Mill…

In the early 1900s, Vicksburg, MI was home to one of the most productive paper mills in the region: Lee Paper Mill. Producing over 17 tons of paper per day at its peak, and serving as Vicksburg’s leading employer, Lee Paper Mill was an economic engine that never stopped turning… until it did. The Mill officially shut down in 2001, devastating the community as a reminder of something great in the past that no longer was.

Until sustainable philanthropist Chris Moore swooped in to save it from the wrecking ball in 2014. Now, it’s being restored to provide the Village of Vicksburg, State of Michigan and the Midwest Region with something bigger and bolder than ever.

…to The Mill at Vicksburg Tomorrow

The Mill at Vicksburg is being restored and repurposed, relaunching every inch of its 416,000 square-foot building and 120-acre campus to its former glory. Imagine events, breweries and distilleries, museums, outdoor spaces and live music occupying lively spaces filled with local visitors and tourists from all over the region. Whether you stay for a day or a weekend, there will be plenty to keep you occupied.

Events: The Mill will serve as a center for multiple, simultaneous conventions, conferences and cultural events, supported by a boutique hotel and outdoor recreation in a vintage space with amazing features and views.
Beer: A production facility for multiple partner brewers and distillers, with taprooms, vintage bars and one of the nation’s largest museums dedicated to the history of American brewing.
Music: A multi-venue destination that can simultaneously host indoor and outdoor events with first-class amenities.

Pillars of Sustainability

The Mill at Vicksburg project began with a goal to continue The Mill’s legacy as an economic and cultural engine that drives a thriving Vicksburg. Chris Moore, owner and brilliant mind behind the project, wanted to ensure that this project would not only help his hometown community thrive but would do so for generations to come. In order for that to happen, Chris knew sustainability needed to be at the forefront of every endeavor. This led to the definition of The Mill’s Pillars of Sustainability. Our ongoing mission is to have a people- and planet-first approach to everything we do to be sustainable for hundreds of years and generations to come.