Team Bios

Chris Moore

Chris Moore is a creative entrepreneur, a catalytic collaborator, and promoter of sustainable philanthropy. His past and current ventures span technology, brewing, historic redevelopment projects, and entertainment.

Growing up in Vicksburg

Chris grew up within and was deeply formed by the small village of Vicksburg, Michigan, twenty minutes south of Kalamazoo. His roots there are deep, as his family has been woven into the fabric of the village since the 1840s. With parents and grandparents who were community leaders, he grew up learning how to serve and contribute to a community. Vicksburg’s small-town values are deeply ingrained in Chris’ imagination and work ethic.

For a century, Vicksburg’s economic engine and cultural hub was a large paper mill, recognized as an industry leader. The Mill shaped the lives of Vicksburg’s residents, with almost every family having a member employed there, and the factory shift whistle marking time in the town and local fields for miles around.

Chris’ grandfather and father worked at The Mill throughout their professional careers, and he often visited them, fascinated by the scale of the colossal operation. While Chris was in college, he worked summers in The Mill.

Chris is devoted to his hometown’s past. He actively studies the history of Vicksburg and yearns for the village to reclaim its economic luster. He wants Downtown Vicksburg to be significant and vibrant, restored to its historic character, bustling with growing businesses, residents and visitors.

College and the Concords

Chris studied Liberal Arts at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Always an entrepreneur, in college he started a business making stereo speakers. He “balanced” his loud-speaker-making business with his studies—but in truth, the business often won out.

Chris left Ann Arbor for the Pacific Northwest to explore and discover what he could create and contribute. He worked for a year at a microbrewery in Portland, Oregon in 1989.

Eventually, Chris found a fertile field in the emerging technology sector. Not an engineer himself, Chris showed a knack for spotting opportunities in the marketplace, and organizing people and products to develop them. He launched his first telecommunications company and called it “Concord,” meaning agreement or harmony between people or groups. He saw Concord as a company that brought a benefit to its customers that wasn’t available in the marketplace. Concord evolved through several iterations, keeping up with—and even ahead of—technology and the marketplace. In time, Chris and “the Concords” moved to Seattle. The current Concord Technologies is a pioneering technology company whose products bring automation to manual workflows in healthcare. Concord Technologies is well-known nationwide for providing interoperability to healthcare systems with its cloud-based management of healthcare data. Chris continues to serve as founder/CEO.

Old Stove Brewing/The Pike Place Market

If Concord was Act I in Chris’ career, Act II has been about creating spaces for people to come together around craft beer and entertainment. Chris had stayed active with the craft beer community since working in a microbrewery in 1989.

Concord is located next to the world-famous Pike Place Market. The Market has its own community within the big city of Seattle. Chris has been part of this community for 16 years and appreciates the similarities of The Market community to his small-town Vicksburg.

Like The Mill at Vicksburg, The Pike Place Market once faced the prospect of the wrecking ball in the 1960s. Short-sighted city government officials favored tearing down all of The Market’s historic buildings and replacing them with parking garages and high rises. Community activism saved The Market from the wrecking ball and afterwards, successful guidelines were enacted for The Market’s preservation and public vitality. Living and working within the Pike Place Market and embracing the “Meet The Producer” motto has influenced Chris considerably. Chris is clearly inspired to have the opportunity to both save historic buildings and be the catalyst to bringing sustainable economic activity to The Mill.

In 2016, Chris founded Old Stove Brewery, the only craft brewery located within Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market. The name is an homage to the Kalamazoo stoves built in the early 20th century in Kalamazoo county near his hometown of Vicksburg. Since its opening, Old Stove has continued to expand and win numerous recognitions and honors, such as Seattle’s best brewery taproom for 2018. Chris’ commitment to the concept of concord inspires him to create places that promote harmony and happiness. Through Old Stove, he is developing multiple projects at the intersection of brewing, music and sports venues.

The Mill at Vicksburg/Sustainable Philanthropy

The first and second acts are naturally progressing into Act III of Chris’ career: sustainable philanthropy. Chris is grateful for the success he has enjoyed and wants to create opportunities for others to explore what’s possible and discover success.

As the paper industry moved away from the Midwest, The Mill sat shuttered and decaying. In 2014, Chris saved The Mill from the wrecking ball by arranging the purchase of the entire facility from the Kalamazoo County Land Bank.

Chris is passionate about historic preservation and allowing these historically important buildings to be open and available for the public to enjoy for many generations into the future. Between 2014 and 2018 Chris has invested a significant amount of capital to pay for all of the consultants needed to plan every detail of The Mill redevelopment.

Chris believes in environmentally sustainable development and economically sustainable philanthropy. An environmentalist from an early age, Chris is thrilled to have the opportunity to remediate the harm done to the land, river and wetlands that surround The Mill.

Chris has committed his own energy and capital to develop the 110 acre campus for craft brewing, entertainment, residential, and tourism. Chris is equally committed to helping further revitalize Downtown Vicksburg by restoring many of the historic buildings and bringing in smart, fun and economically sustainable businesses to the historic downtown.

Once again, Chris is functioning as a catalyst and fostering concord, organizing a collaboration between government entities and local stakeholders to make The Mill at Vicksburg a regional destination and an economic engine to drive his hometown’s economy for another century.

Jackie M. Koney, Director, Vicksburg Operations

When Chris Moore first approached Jackie Koney about his idea to bring Vicksburg’s old paper mill back to life, she was instantly curious. As a Michigan native, Koney had only known about the village of Vicksburg and its paper mill on a surface level, but when she paid a lengthy visit in Summer 2015, she knew immediately that this was a project that she could get behind.

In September 2015, Koney and her husband John Kern permanently moved to Vicksburg to be fully immersed in this project and, most importantly, in the community. With an extensive background working with and volunteering for various nonprofit organizations, Koney is exceptionally passionate about community building and creating downtown areas where folks want to spend their time. She believes The Mill will be a catalyst for that.

“Vicksburg doesn’t need to be fixed; it’s wonderful as is, and its residents whole-heartedly believe this. But The Mill is that thing that will instill even more pride for Vicksburg residents and excitement,” Koney said. “There’s a deep connection to The Mill and what it meant to Vicksburg back when it was fully operational. I hope we can recreate that feeling for generations who knew The Mill for what it originally was and new generations to come.”

In addition to her work with The Mill and the town of Vicksburg, ensuring that Chris Moore’s vision for the project gets realized in an efficient, cost-effective manner, Koney also serves as the Arts and Placemaking Committee Chair for the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and as an advisor and one of three legal incorporators for the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center in their efforts to become a 501(c)(3) organization.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Koney went on to receive her Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University. She stayed put in Washington state and spent much of her professional career working mainly in the nonprofit and advertising/marketing sectors of business. Coincidentally, early in Koney’s career, she worked for Eddie Bauer as the production director, where she spent much of her time in paper mills, purchasing paper. Talk about full circle.

John F. Kern, Community Outreach & Education Coordinator

John Kern, a Michigan native, couldn’t help but be intrigued when Chris Moore first told him about the idea to bring Vicksburg’s old paper mill back to life. Despite his Michigan roots, Kern still hadn’t known much about the village of Vicksburg or its paper mill, but when he visited in Summer 2015, he knew immediately that he wanted to be a part of this project and help bring Chris Moore’s vision to life.

In September 2015, Kern and his wife Jackie Koney permanently moved to Vicksburg to be fully immersed in this project and, most importantly, in the community. With an extensive background across several disciplines—primarily education but also audio and video production, marketing promotions, and public speaking—Kern is the perfect fit to directly engage with the people of Vicksburg and its surrounding communities and generate excitement about restoring The Mill.

“Vicksburg is an all-around great place—to live and to visit—and I believe that The Mill will create a space for younger generations to get excited about and want to invest their time,” Kern said. “Restoring The Mill, which has been such a vital part of the community for decades, and reviving it into something new will make Vicksburg a more sought-out place for experiential learning, and could even be used as a model for small towns. A lot of great things will come of this project, and I’m glad to be a part of it by spreading the word to our community and beyond.”

In addition to his work with The Mill, Kern is heavily involved in other community organizations and resources that the town of Vicksburg has to offer. He serves on the board for the Vicksburg Farmer’s Market, has some of his personal photography work featured at the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center, and also runs the artist residency program at The Mill: The Prairie Ronde Artist Residency. He also has much experience in public speaking engagements within and outside of Vicksburg.

After graduating from Michigan State University in 1988, Kern continued his education, earning supplemental degrees from Augsburg College in Minneapolis and from the University of Washington in Seattle. He spent several years working as a teacher through QSI Virtual Learning Services and as a freelance digital marketing blog writer, both of which taught him skills that he can dedicate to his work for The Mill at Vicksburg.

Colleen Bowman, Business Development Specialist

After co-authoring the original business plan for Old Stove Brewing Company, Chris Moore recruited Colleen to join the effort to revitalize the Vicksburg Mill. As a native Michigander, Colleen found the opportunity to work on a profound project in her home state simply irresistible. Colleen has lived in Seattle for the last 17 years, where she continues to work, live and volunteer at Pike Place Market.  A former vice chair of The Market’s Historical Commission, Colleen currently serves on The Market’s board of directors, also known as the Preservation and Development Authority. Her service to The Market and work on the Vicksburg Mill project are complementary pursuits that allow her to understand and advocate for the importance of “place” and ensuing community impacts. Colleen’s work on The Mill includes research, designing communications products, team building and assisting Director Koney with strategic decision-making. Colleen is a graduate of Michigan State University and holds an MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University (now Presidio University) in Seattle.

Brian Bastien, General Manager of Brewery Operations

A passionate advocate of the craft beer industry, Brian’s brewery career began as a homebrewer before completing a BA at University of Western Ontario, in Economics. His 20-plus years of experience leading teams and building markets across North America includes senior roles with Moosehead, Carlsberg, and most recently as a VP with Newlands Systems, a custom brewery equipment manufacturer. While studying an International MBA at the University of Wales, he wrote a dissertation on strategic brewery brand growth across global markets. Brian is leading the brewery operational strategy and design for The Mill’s multi-brewery facility, a vital economic driver for the redevelopment. The multi-brewery operations will concurrently accomplish the goals of tenant attraction, job creation, and destination tourism for The Mill. Active in community roles, Brian has over ten years of leadership experience serving local non-profits, most recently serving as president and chair for the Women in Need Society in Calgary, Canada. Last autumn he finished brewery studies in Chicago at the World Brewing Academy.

Project Consultants

Paper City Development, LLC has partnered with nationally and internationally recognized consultants on The Mill at Vicksburg Restoration Project. Aligning with these partners will allow us to bring the best possible outcome of this restoration project to the Village of Vicksburg. The members of this team have worked on various developments across the state of Michigan, the United States, and beyond.

Consultant Biographies: HopkinsBurns Design Studio

Firm: HopkinsBurns Design Studio
Address: 4709 N. Delhi Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: 734.424.3344

Michigan Capitol Building: 1992 National Preservation Honor Award, National Trust for Historic
Preservation, 1996 AIA Honor Award
Michigan Theater: Award of Merit, Ann Arbor Historic District Commission
Michigan Stove: 2000 AIA Michigan, 2000 Engineering Society of Detroit, 1998 Michigan Historic
Preservation Network

Eugene C. Hopkins, FAIA

Principal and co-founder of HopkinsBurns Design Studio, Gene is a nationally recognized leader in historic preservation architecture who has received numerous awards for his contribution to
architecture, including the prestigious Gold Medal from AIA Michigan in 2003 and the Gold Medal from AIA Detroit in 2006. Gene has extensive experience in the restoration and rehabilitation of hundreds of structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places. His passion is design that creates livable, inspiring and people-oriented places that embody respect for heritage and community values. Gene is honored to be appointed the Architect of the Michigan State Capital, is past president of the Michigan Architectural Foundation and past president of the American Institute of Architects.

Tamara Burns, FAIA, LEED AP

Principal and co-founder of HopkinsBurns Design Studio, Tamara has over 25 years of leadership and management experience providing design services for a variety of structures (new, existing and historic) and project types, including mixed use, commercial, residential, retail, laboratory renovations, world headquarters facilities, and community master planning. As principal, Tamara ensures the delivery of innovative, sensitive, sustainable and timely design solutions which sensitively weave new places into the context of existing communities. Tamara is past president of AIA Michigan and chairs Ann Arbor’s Design Review Board.

Selected Historic Preservation, Mixed Use/Adaptive Reuse Projects:
• Michigan Capitol Welcome Center, Lansing, MI, in progress
• Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI, ongoing
• Fishtown, Leland, MI, ongoing
• Edsel and Eleanor Ford House (Master Plan), Detroit, MI, ongoing
• Mustang Lounge, Mackinac Island, MI, 2008
• Meadowbrook Hall, Rochester, MI, 2006
• Chittenden, Eustace-Cole and Agricultural Halls, Michigan State University, East Lansing,
Michigan, various
• Plainwell Paper Mill (Feasibility Study), Plainwell, MI, 2007*
• Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI, 2001
• Michigan State Capitol Building, Lansing, MI, 1992
*denotes MSF/MEGA/MEDC funding

Consultant Biographies: Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio

Address: 412 Longshore Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
Phone: 734.668.7416

Mark Robinson, PLA, ALSA

Principal and co-owner of Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio, Mark has over 35 years of design,
leadership and management experience for a variety of projects including public parks, regional
park systems, corporate and municipal campuses, fine arts and environmental education
programs, environmental conservation and restoration, and public and private gardens. His
passion is the development and articulation of comprehensive plans that are grounded, informed, and ultimately animated by the many relationships between people and landscape. His work has been recognized with numerous awards over the past three decades. Mark has served as president of both the Michigan and North Carolina chapters of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Mark Johnson, PLA, ASLA

Principal and co-founder of Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio in 1993, Mark has over 30 years of
experience on a wide range of projects. Projects include public parks and trail design, regional park and trail master plans, community visioning and master plans, commercial and residential projects, outdoor art parks, and sculpture gardens. Design priorities start with the careful understanding of the site and the priorities of the client, then working collaboratively to develop innovative design solutions that balance these priorities with the opportunities presented by the site.

Selected Projects:
• Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville, MI, ongoing since 1989*
• Lakeview Orchards, Manistee, MI, 2008
• Michigan State Capitol Site Restoration, 1990-1991
• Fishtown Historic Structures and Landscape, 2011 and 2017
• Frankenmuth Streetscape, Frankenmuth, MI, 1998
• Frankenmuth Insurance, Frankenmuth, MI, 1996 – 2008
• Zendhers Splash Village, Frankenmuth, MI, 2013*
• Kalamazoo Nature Center, Kalamazoo, MI, 2012
• Spring Trail at Mackinac Island, Mackinac Island, MI, 2012
• Boyne City Waterfront, Master Plan, Boyne City, MI, 2006
• Boardman River Valley Master Plan, Traverse City, MI, 2001
• BASF Waterfront Park, Wyandotte, MI, 1992
• Michigan Legacy Art Park, Thompsonville, MI, 2014
• Ann Arbor Farmers Market, Ann Arbor, MI, 2003
• Grand Haven Downtown Vision Plan, Grand Haven, MI, 2004
• Grand Haven Waterfront Public Plaza, Grand Haven, MI, 2014
• Chinook Pier, Grand Haven, MI, 2009
• Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, Hemlock, MI, 2009*
*denotes MSF/MEGA/MEDC funding

Consultant Biographies: Byce & Associates

Address: 487 Portage Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007
Phone: 269-381-6170

• 2016 ALA Silver Medal Design Award: Newell Brands Design Facility
• 2016 AIA Michigan Honor Award: Newell Brands Design Facility
• 2015 AIA Chicago Interior Architecture Award Citation of Merit: Newell Brands Design Facility
• Green Building Institute TWO GREEN GLOBES Certified Building: Newell Brands Design Facility
• Contract Magazine Interiors Awards 2016: Office: Large: Newell Brands Design Facility
• ACEC Engineering Excellence 2014 Award of Merit for Engineering: Bell’s Brewery, Inc. Brewhouse
• ACEC 2016 Honorable Conceptor Award: Bell’s Brewery, Inc. Bio-Energy Facility
• AIA Southwest Michigan Chapter 2013 Design Honor Award: Kalamazoo Nature Center Day Camp
• ACEC/MSPE Engineering Excellence 2008 Award of Merit for Engineering: Radisson Plaza Hotel

James Escamilla PE, NCEES President/CEO/Principal in Charge/Quality Control

With over 35 years of experience, James Escamilla has allowed himself to become instrumental in
multiple high‐tech new construction and remolding projects for correctional, governmental,
educational, industrial, manufacturing, and healthcare clients. James has been recognized by his peers for his expertise in engineering design and project management and was voted Engineer of the Year in 1991 by the Michigan Society of Engineers. In 2013, he was awarded ASHRAE’s National Distinguished Service Award and in 1989 received ASHRAE’s Professional Award of Excellence.

Brenda Waterman, Project Coordinator

Brenda Waterman has over 18 years of experience and serves as a Project Coordinator for Byce &
Associates, Inc. She has experience from conception to completion of all aspects of a project,
including mechanical and electrical in design/build. Brenda has worked on the design for commercial and residential projects. She also has experience in site development, budgeting, scheduling for design and construction, permitting, construction documentation, and shop drawing reviews.

Rick Eshlaman, PE/Senior Civil Engineer

Rick Eshlaman has over 27 years of experience in civil engineering, overseeing projects from
conception to completion. He is responsible for all aspects of civil engineering including design, drawings, details and specifications for construction, reports, cost estimates and construction administration. Rick has experience in earthwork calculations, grading plans, erosion and sedimentation control plans, street and parking lot design, stormwater management design, green roofs, bio‐retention areas, and wastewater and watermain design. His project experience includes educational, government, commercial, and residential projects.

Glenn Glidden, PE, NCEES, CPMP, LEED AP BD+C, GGP/Senior Mechanical Engineer

Glenn Glidden serves as a mechanical engineer, assisting in the planning and designing of mechanical engineering projects. He is responsible for project schedules and timely completion of projects ranging from small, less complex to full scale. Glenn prepares and/or modifies reports, specifications, plans, construction schedules and designs for project. He has experience working with both the private and public sector in commercial, educational, governmental and institutional developments.

Selected Projects:
• Bell’s Brewery, Galesburg, MI, Expansion & Renovation, 2014
• Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI, Pub and Tavern Expansion, 2010 and 2015
• Upper Hand Brewery, Escanaba, MI, 2015
• Stormcloud Brewery, Frankfort, MI, New Production Facility, 2017
• Newell Brands, Kalamazoo, MI, 2014*
• The Exchange Building, Kalamazoo, MI, Est. 2019*
• Prairie Gardens Senior Housing Development, Kalamazoo, MI, 2016**
• Imperial Beverage, Portage, MI, Building Renovation, Cooler Expansion, 2016
• Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, Read Field House, 2017
• Kalamazoo Nature Center, Day Camp Facilities, 2013
• Portage Public Schools, Portage, MI, Northern High School Renovation and Expansion,

• Air Zoo, Kalamazoo, MI, Design/Build Collaboration of Museum, 2009
• Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, Kalamazoo, MI, New Terminal, 2011
• Kalamazoo County Jail and Sheriff’s Office, Kalamazoo, MI, 2014
*denotes MSF/MEGA/MEDC funding
**denotes MSHDA funding

Consultant Biographies: Bazzani

Address: 959 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids MI, 49506
Phone: 616.774.2002

2015/6- Bazzani achieves “Best for the World” for two years in a row by B Lab.
2014- Bazzani Building Company achieves B Corporation Designation at 147 points
2011- Establishment of the Guy Bazzani Local Legacy Award by Local First
2009- Clean Corporate Citizen Award – Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
2008- Business Review Regional Thought Leader
2008- LEED for Homes, Innovative Project Recognition, USGBC National Award
2008- AIA Grand Valley Honor Award, Sustainable Design, Hispanic Center of West Michigan
2007- State of Michigan Historic Preservation Award, Hispanic Center of West Michigan
2006- State of Michigan, Department of Energy, Home Energy Star Grant Award
2005- State of Michigan, Department of Environmental Quality, Clean Michigan Initiative
2004- State of Michigan, Cool City Catalyst Project Designation
2003- Grand Valley Metro Council, Blueprint Award for Neighborhood Revitalization
2003- West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Sustainable Business Award
2003- Grand Rapids Historic Preservation, Outstanding Historic Preservation Award
2002- Grand Rapids Neighborhood Business Award, Best Reuse of a Building

Guy Bazzani, CEO, GRI, LEED AP

Guy Bazzani leads West Michigan with his expertise in sustainable business practices through his firm’s
architectural design, construction, and real estate services. With more than 30 years of experience in commercial and residential development, Guy manages a team of experienced professionals committed to innovative solutions in green building technologies, historic preservation and urban revitalization.

Peter Skornia, LEED AP

Peter joined Bazzani as a private consultant providing front-end project planning, scope
development, and budget management. He has a particular focus on developing the client’s
business case for their real estate needs to match business drivers with construction project scope, cost and schedule.

Selected Adapted Reuse Projects:
• Fairmount Square, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2005
• The Kingsley, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2017
• Wesner, Owosso, Michigan, 2014
• The Weathy Street Animal Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2016
• The Lebowsky Center, Owosso, Michigan, 2012
• The Winchester, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2009
• Cook Library, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2008
• Hispanic Center of Western Michigan, 2006
• 1144-1146 Wealthy Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2006
• Station C Building, Grand Rapids, MI, 2005
• One Trick Pony Restaurant, Grand Rapids, MI, 1996


Address: 84757 28th Street, Lawton, MI 49065
Phone: 269.624.4211

Lisa K. J. Phillips, CGWP

Principal and owner of Phillips Environmental Consulting Services, Inc., Lisa has over 32 years of
consulting, technical, and management experience related to hundreds of projects. Lisa is an
expert in contaminant hydrogeology, hydrogeologic investigations, feasibility studies, remedial
action plans, treatment system operation and maintenance, environmental site assessments, due care planning, and brownfield redevelopment. As Chair of the Van Buren County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, her experience has helped to facilitate numerous redevelopment projects, including the development of policy and guidelines, and visioning sessions for addressing brownfields throughout the county. As a consultant, she has experience in assisting developers with a wide variety of brownfield redevelopment projects that include former paper mills and other former industrial sites.

Selected Brownfield Projects:
• 400 Bryant Street Redevelopment, Kalamazoo, MI, approval pending*
• PS383, LLC Mixed Use Redevelopment, Kalamazoo, MI, 2017*
• 216/220 WM, LLC Mixed Use Redevelopment, Kalamazoo, MI 2017*
• RAI Jets, Portage, MI, 2017
• GTW Depot, LLC, Kalamazoo, MI 2016*
• Black River Enterprises, LLC/Paw Paw Brewery, Brownfield Redevelopment, Paw Paw, MI,
• Hometown Pharmacy, 212/214 S. State Street, Gobles, MI 2013
• Hometown Pharmacy, 3 W. Monroe, Bangor, MI, 2009
• Kalwards, LLC, 211 E. Water Street, Kalamazoo, MI, 2006
• United Building, LLC, 202/242 E. Kalamazoo Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 2005
• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Great Lakes Heritage & Maritime
Visitors Center (Former Fletcher Paper Co.), Alpena, MI, 2004
*denotes MSF/MEGA/MEDC funding

Consultant Biography: CENTURYPACIFIC, LLLP

Address: 1201 Third Avenue, Suite 1680, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206.757.8890

Michael Finch, Vice President

Michael has been a principal at CenturyPacific since 2008, providing expertise in real estate
advisory and brokerage to an array of clients ranging from public and private companies to
government agencies, non-profits, trusts, and families. Michael crafts durable solutions to complex real estate challenges and is a trusted client advisor and skilled advocate—facilitating transactions totaling over $1b in value across a variety of product types, geographic markets and scales.

Selected Projects:
• Brownfield Projects – Various: CenturyPacific has worked with a number of industries
facing a variety of environmental issues, including the creation of reuse strategies for over a dozen former oil refineries (US, Wales) and a large-scale remediation and real estate redevelopment of former BP refineries at Casper, WY and Kansas City, MO. CenturyPacific has worked on pulp and saw mills, coal gasification plants, wood treating sites, petroleum tank farms, rail yards, chemical plants, landfills, auto salvage facilities, a steel rolling mill and former commercial laundry facilities.
• Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority – Seattle: CenturyPacific is real
estate advisor to the Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority (PHPDA), owner of the 9-acre historic Pacific Tower campus on Seattle’s Beacon Hill (originally a U.S. public hospital and more recently the former headquarters). CenturyPacific has provided real estate asset management and brokerage expertise to the PHPDA since 2012, including lease restructuring, office and medical leasing, leasehold acquisition, and development ground leasing.
• Idaho Board of Land Commissioners – Idaho: CenturyPacific was competitively selected by
the Idaho Board of Land Commissioners (“Land Board”) to serve as the Land Board’s commercial real estate advisor. Assignments for the Land Board have included the formal evaluation and analysis of over two dozen properties, oversight of strategic asset divestiture, and future planning related to transitional lands. In our third year as an advisor to the Land Board, CenturyPacific continues to work with the Idaho Department of Lands to strategically evaluate and positioning commercial properties under Land Board control.
• Seattle Times Company – Washington State: CenturyPacific has served as real estate
advisor and broker to the Blethen family, owners of Seattle Times, since 1987. During this time, we have managed over $200 million in real estate transactions for the company including the sale of over twelve acres in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, acquisition and development of several hundred thousand square feet in Bothell, and leases for the Seattle Times corporate headquarters and various operating companies in Seattle, Kent and Issaquah.
• Old Stove Brewing Company – Various: CenturyPacific serves as real estate advisor to Old
Stove Brewing Co. and related entities including leasing brokerage, and real estate investment brokerage, asset management and development planning for projects in Washington and Michigan.