Introducing a New Series to our Artist Residencies

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prairie Ronde Artist Residency, like thousands of other programs and events globally, was forced to postpone its spring and summer sessions. Along with Prairie Ronde, leaders of The Mill Music Residency wanted to still uphold our mission to support the arts and artists in new and innovative ways. With this goal in mind, we looked to fellow arts organizations and individuals to find out what they were doing to support themselves and the broader community. We were impressed by all the creative solutions our artistic counterparts have come to during this time!

Ultimately, leaders from Prairie Ronde and The Mill Music Residency decided to devise a hybridized version of live-streamed content in which we would pay artists, including former contributors to the Prairie Ronde Residency and musician friends, to create thirty minutes of streamable content for our social platforms. Musicians will perform sets around 30 minutes in length while visual artists are looking into creating 5–7-minute segments covering a variety of topics, ranging from an exploration of technique to a studio tour.

First in our Series: Kevin Large

Artist: Kevin Large

New Jersey native, Seattle staple, and off-and-on-again New Yorker, Kevin Large has been making music under the WIDOWER moniker for over a decade. Large’s lyrically driven songwriting is reminiscent of Tom Petty’s more mellow moments. There’s a cinematic sentiment to every song, like a car in the rain in a Cameron Crowe movie.

Kevin’s Release Dates

July 20: Ce La Vie To Say The Least
July 22: One More Morning
July 24: Concert and Fundraiser

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our multi-video series with Natalya, and make sure to follow Prairie Ronde on FacebookInstagram and YouTube for additional updates!

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