The Mill Shares Progress in MiSITES Quarterly Publication

The Mill at Vicksburg continues to push forward on its journey to renewing the historic building!

The progress of this project has been noted by Mark Robinson, principal and co-owner of Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio, in the MiSITES quarterly publication. Since joining the project in 2015, he has helped to make significant progress at The Mill alongside Vicksburg native, and successful entrepreneur, Chris Moore and HopkinsBurns Design Studio, who is highly recognized for their work with historic structures.

A sneak peek at the progress that’s been made at The Mill thus far:

– Building admitted to the National Registry of Historic Places

– Addition of 80 acres and numerous surrounding properties to the project site

– Plans to accommodate large capacities of parking, camping, and transportation systems

In the years to come, The Mill will undergo the restoration and repurposing of the building.
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Mark Robinson has come into this project with over 35 years of experience in design and management. His expertise ranges from public parks to commercial and residential buildings. He has a special way of connecting his innovative designs to the unique needs of every client.
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