The Museums at The Mill by Encore Magazine, October 2019

Inside the offices of Paper City Development in downtown Vicksburg, Chris Moore’s enthusiasm about the mill, his hometown and its history is palpable. It’s fitting that photographs of Vicksburg’s past share space on the walls beside renderings of the future Mill at Vicksburg.

“People don’t know how much insanely wonderful history we have here (in Vicksburg),” Moore says. “You’ve got to paw back at it a little bit and expose it.”

And Moore—whose family has been in Vicksburg for 150 years—plans to expose the mill’s history via a planned museum on-site at The Mill at Vicksburg, along with museums for two other things he is passionate about: old stoves and beer.

Click here to read the full article from Encore’s October 2019 edition.

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