Visitor Center & Mill Store

106 S. Main
Vicksburg, Mi 49097

wednesdays 3–6 PM
saturdays 10–3 PM

Welcome to The Mill’s Visitor Center where you’ll discover the fascinating history of the former Lee Paper Company through informational exhibits while learning more about our vision for its future. Our space is located in the heart of the charming Village of Vicksburg, within one of the oldest downtown buildings that dates back to the 1800s. It is among many buildings in the district that have contributed to the Village’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Mill at Vicksburg has been a centerpiece of Vicksburg’s culture, growth and prosperity for over a century, and the Visitor Center continues that tradition by celebrating our past while connecting to our present and future.

Revisit the past: Step back in time for a deeper look into The Mill’s history, products and people. Experience the present: Stop in during open hours and Village events to explore our ongoing projects and plans, pick up some fun merch or get answers to your questions. Glimpse into the future: Dream with us as we share our big plans for our mighty little town and The Mill that keeps it humming.