Restoring the Historic “Hill’s Buildings” to their Original Glory

Exciting news! We've begun renovating the historic facades of 106, 108 and 110 S. Main Street—remembered as the “Hill's Buildings.” Soon, these three historic buildings will be restored to their original glory, showcasing the authentic exterior facades from the 1880s. 

This renovation aligns with our long-term goal of saving and restoring the historic buildings in the Village—our home and a place of significance to many of us. Over the last few years, we have acquired and restored a handful of downtown buildings, keeping their historical significance at the forefront. We hope to protect and enhance the physical beauty of these buildings and make a lasting impact on Vicksburg and the community.

The first phase of this restoration project focuses on the east facades of 106, 108 and 110, as well as the south facade of 110 along Liberty Lane. During this time, we will have scaffolding and restricted pedestrian access on Main St. After phase one is complete, we will continue with restoration efforts of the west facades of each building.


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