As the year comes to a close, we are excited to share the progress our incredible crew has made on this massive project. Working together to help bring the vision for the village of Vicksburg to life has been a great honor and privilege.

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We’ve seen exciting progress on The Mill’s beer museum and music residency these past few months. Frederick Construction’s crew has been busy revitalizing one of the historic buildings in downtown Vicksburg to become a music venue for artists to rehearse and perform during their in-person residency.

We have also made significant strides with the brewery museum. While our curator has been working directly with the public to grow the vast collection of brewery artifacts, the construction crew has been completing final touches on the museum space. Despite the fact we’ve not had a finished museum space, that hasn’t stopped us from displaying the memorabilia we’ve currently collected. Villagers and visitors now can enjoy a wide variety of memorabilia hung proudly in some of our recently restored historic downtown buildings.

Check out a recent roundtable discussion with Barry Travis, Paul Cervenka and Stan Summers sharing their stories about beer and The Mill:


“This will be a destination for collectors who can come see and appreciate the signs we’ve collected—some may even be their contributions— as well as folks who may discover a new hobby.” – Paul Cervenka



The Mill has experienced a major makeover on both the interior and exterior. Construction crews have begun renewing the interior of the building by replacing floorboards, salvaging bricks, and putting fresh coats of non-lead-based paint on the walls to brighten up the once-abandoned building.

RAM Construction Services and Frederick Development are working together to restore 100,000 bricks that make up this massive structure. The Mill has yet to use a single new brick! We have salvaged material from an old racetrack and grocery store from Chicago—each of which has its own rich histories.

Our crews also have discovered some very unique bricks with inscriptions from old Lee Paper Mill workers. Quite literally building these walls with materials that have such rich history and staying true to the original architecture is what makes this building so special. We also had huge success with a concrete crusher that enabled us to save 10,000 tons of debris from the landfill that will be used for new roads and pathways on the ground of The Mill.


As we say goodbye to 2020, we are wishing you all health, happiness and a safe holiday season! We couldn’t be more thankful for your support throughout this entire project and we’re so excited to continue this journey bringing beer, music and entertainment to Vicksburg.


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