Pollinator Project with Vicksburg Schools

The Mill at Vicksburg and Paper City Development, LLC recognize the importance of fostering our community’s youth with hands-on educational opportunities, which is why we’ve partnered with Vicksburg Schools on an all-new project for students: The Pollinator Project.

Planting a Partnership with Vicksburg Schools

John Kern, Community Outreach & Education Coordinator for The Mill, partnered with the folks of Vicksburg Schools to plant a variety of pollinator plants in the 20 acres of vacant land at The Mill. Since 2019, Vicksburg students have had the opportunity to work hands on in the field to learn about the importance of pollinators to our local communities and beyond.

Paper City Development, LLC worked with a local Vicksburg farmer to plant several acres of buckwheat and eight acres of sunflowers to attract local pollinators, like honeybees, to the 80 acres located to the west of The Mill.

Benefits of The Pollinator Project:

  • Project-based learning opportunities for students
  • Increasing the population of local pollinators to the Vicksburg community
  • Lasting partnerships with Vicksburg Schools, Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA), and Willis Farms Pure Honey
  • Restore and recondition the land for future initiatives, like growing demonstration plots of grains and hops for Mill visitors to explore

See the beauty for yourself!

You can witness the beauty of the Pollinator Project all year round thanks to this awesome video from our friends at Kalamazoo Aerial Media! See the drone footage here.